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Meet Zeta Beta Zeta Chapter

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Six women chartered Zeta Beta Zeta Chapter in the Flint community in 1959, becoming the second graduate chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated in the state of Michigan.

Among the members was Triumphant Soror Frances E. Faithful, the daughter of Triumphant Founder Myrtle Tyler Faithful and niece of Triumphant Founder Viola Tyler Goings. The other charter members were Soror Precious Buckner, Soror Connie Fraction, Soror Lelia Bryant, Soror Olivia Murdock and Soror Juanita Watson.

As this is the Centennial year, we wish to acknowledge the contributions of our past presidents: Triumphant Soror Frances E. Faithful, 1959-1961; Soror Precious Petross Buckner, 1961-1963; Soror Catherine Burton, 1963-1965; Triumphant Soror Lonnie Roquemore, 1967-1969; Soror W. Cosedena Thomas Guinn, 1969-1971; Triumphant Soror Odessa Jackson, 1971-1973; Triumphant Soror Alberta Jones, 1973-1975; Triumphant Soror Bettye G. Ware, 1975-1977; Dr. Ruth H. Buckner, 1977-1979; and Soror W. Cosedena Thomas Guinn, 1979-1981.

Other presidents were: Soror Ruth N. Boone, 1981-1983; Soror Rose Murphy, 1983-1985; Triumphant Soror Bettye G. Ware, 1985-1987; Soror Sherra Davis, 1987- 1989; Triumphant Soror Cassandra Bronson, 1989-1991; Soror Bessie Evans, 1991-1993; Soror Edna Rubin, 1993-1995; Soror Linda Thompson, 1995-1997; Dr. Leatha Hayes, 1997-1999; Soror Mary A. Ross, 1999-2001; Soror Elner Taylor, 2001-2003; Soror Pamela Hawkins, 2003-2007; Soror Karen Woods, 2007-2009; Dr. Vlenaetha Stewart, 2009-2011; Soror Linda Williams, 2011-2013; Soror Jannora Lauderdale, 2013-2015; Soror Tia Coles, 2015-2017; and Soror Elner Taylor 2017-2019.

Current officers

Our officers are Centennial Basileus Trishanda Williams, Basileus Advisor Soror Elner Taylor, First Anti-Basileus Karen Utsey, Second Anti-Basileus Maria Boyd-Springer, Third Anti-Basileus Yolanda Collins, Tamias Jessica Banks, Tamias-Grammateus Kandi Thomas, Grammateus Jannora Lauderdale, Corresponding Grammateus Tracey Jackson, Phylacter Davina Whitaker, Epistoleus Pamela Hawkins and Antapokritis Sena Bell. The chapter had 36 members as of August 2020.

Community Involvement

ZBZ sponsors annual events such as Finer Womanhood, Founders’ Day, Scholarship fundraisers; and supports many community outreach programs, including Youth Leadership, Big Brothers Big Sisters, YWCA and Stepping for Babies baby shower. Our chapter maintains a Stork’s Nest at Flint Southwestern Classical Academy.

Zeta Beta Zeta Chapter is especially proud of our Sisters in Service program where we recognized the community service of the four sororities of the National Pan-Hellenic Council. It was an honor to have Past International President and CBS “The Talk” co-host Sheryl Underwood as our host. The event took place on Nov. 4, 2017.

On Feb. 13, 2016, Zeta Beta Zeta hosted a water drive that saw Sorors and our Sigma brothers from across Michigan and Ohio, as well as the city of Chicago, bring vans filled with water to our community. Our chapter augmented that with distributing water filters and water dispensers to 200 or more families.

A second water drive was held on Aug. 17, 2019 in partnership with the Michigan State Organization Legacy Club. It was needed because Flint residents were still dealing with not having clean water to drink, bathe and cook. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Iota Beta Sigma Chapter; Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.; and Zeta Amicae from Flint and Oak Park helped us pass out the water.

The Flint water crisis has been raging since April 2014 when the city changed from a treated water source in Detroit to using water from the Flint River, which has been an unofficial dumping site for treated and untreated refuse from local industries.

Youth Auxiliaries

Zeta Beta Zeta Chapter has a flourishing youth auxiliary with four Pearlettes, two Amicettes and eight Archonettes. Serving as advisors are Sorors Jannora Lauderdale, Jessica Banks, Yolanda Collins, Kandi Thomas and Tomika Russell. Our youth have participated in workshops on human trafficking, self-improvement and financial education, and hosted some of their own. One taught youth how to save money; a camp sought to get girls to pursue science, technology, engineering and math careers. The young ladies also do service projects, such as participating in Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk, providing personal items to and serve food for the North End Soup Kitchen in Flint and holding a school supply drive annually.

Undergraduate Chapter - Lambda Pi

Our undergraduate chapter was founded Feb. 10, 1995 with five members. They were associate members of ZBZ before the charter was established; that's when they got their official name. Lambda Pi Chapter was chartered in 1997. The charter members are: Sorors Chelan (Pea) Taylor, Yolanda (Dantzler) Collins, Therasa (Simpson) Martin, Keesha (Hankins) Holbrook and Meka (Vaughn) Young. This Flint citywide chapter serves University of Michigan-Flint, Baker College and Kettering University.

Zeta Amicae

The Zeta Beta Zeta Amicae Auxiliary of Flint was organized in 1966 and received its first charter in 1967. In 1968, Zeta Beta Zeta Chapter officially established its Amicae Auxiliary. The late Mrs. Odell Broadway was the group’s first president. In 2018, Zeta Beta Zeta Amicae celebrated their 50th anniversary.

A celebration featured speakers and dinner. It was a time for Zeta Beta Zeta Chapter to fellowship with then Michigan State Organization Director Angela Philmore; MSO Amicae Coordinator Friend Rosetta; Amicae throughout Michigan; Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated, Iota Beta Sigma Chapter; members of the National Pan-Hellenic Council-Flint; family; and friends.

Presently, the Zeta Beta Zeta Amicae has made a strong presence in the city of Flint through aiding ZBZ at the North End Soup Kitchen. It has provided personal hygiene packets to the homeless, participated in Zeta Beta Zeta’s Centennial Founders’ Day program, and supported community activities and scholarships to help Black students. Zeta Amicae have also partnered with Friend Davina Whitaker to support Holmes Stem Academy, Flint, for Adopt-A-School.

The Zeta Amicae contribute $100 annually to Bethune Cookman College in Daytona Beach, Fla. Then, every December for the last four years, Zeta Amicae have worked with the Archonettes teen auxiliary by introducing them to community service opportunities at Grace Emmanuel Baptist Church through the annual toys and food giveaway in Flint.

Currently, ZBZ Zeta Amicae have 11 financial members. They are: Amicae Tiny Presnall, President; Amicae Annie Duncan, Vice President; Amicae Glenna Gates, Secretary; Amicae Barbara Townsel, Treasurer; Amicae Mildred Hood, Financial Secretary; Amicae Earline Hawkins, Parliamentarian; Amicae Larlean Campbell, Chaplain; and Friend Judy Thornton, Friend Mildred Bowman, Amicae Ore Lee Love, and Amicae Betty Tipper. Advisors are Friend Davina Whitaker and Friend Karen Utsey.

Zeta Leaders & Trailblazers

Some of our members have risen to high heights in Zeta. Soror Elner Taylor served as past Michigan State Director and MSO Executive Board Chair. She was appointed Great Lakes Region Director in July 2020. She is also Resident Manager of Birch Haven in Idlewild, Mich. Soror Amie Garner is the Michigan State Organization Male Network Coordinator and Soror Jannora Lauderdale serves as Centennial Service Representative.

Zeta Doves

Zeta Beta Zeta Chapter has nine Zeta Doves. They are: Sorors Precious Buckner, Doris Carroll, Vera Birch, Ruth Boones, Shirley Collins, Mildred Jackson, Iris B. Marable, Life Member Soror Elner Taylor and Triumphant Soror Barbara Veasley, who passed away April 26, 2020.

Note: This is part of the Michigan State Organization’s online series "The MSO Great History Countdown! Our Centennial Journey to State Meeting" to leave a lasting gift to the state in honor of Zeta’s 100th anniversary. Histories from every graduate and undergraduate chapter in Michigan is being published in the month of September 2020 in the days leading up to the centennial state meeting. The project was approved under State Director Lynese Thomas’ administration, and overseen by MSO Epistoleus Earlene McMichael in partnership with MSO Historian Trudy Hale and Great Lakes Region Historian Norma Dartis.

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