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Meet Theta Xi Chapter

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Five young women established Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, Theta Xi Chapter at the University of Detroit Mercy in Detroit, Mich. They were made up of initiates from Theta Delta and Xi chapters in Detroit, Mich., chapters sponsored by Beta Omicron Zeta graduate chapter in Detroit.

Theta Xi was chartered in October 1989 through Past Michigan State Director Jeffrey King and sponsored by Kappa Rho Zeta Chapter in Highland Park, Mich.

In April 1990, the Blue Force was the first intake class initiated into Theta Xi by Soror Yolanda Hughley (Slawson). The initiates were the late Soror Porter, Soror Williams, Soror Cook and Soror Harlan.

Community Involvement

Theta Xi has recently adopted Henderson Academy, working with female students there. Sorors have led self-love/self-care activities and a book drive. Historically, the chapter has done fundraiser fashion shows, heritage balls, can dances, and much more.

Current Officers

The Centennial leadership team is: Basileus ATearea Boggan, First Anti-Basileus Eryn Hearns and Graduate Advisor Christel Missouri of Kappa Rho Zeta Chapter.

Finer Womanhood Activities

Since the chapter’s resurgence, Theta Xi has done “Blue Table Talkz,” which are open discussions for students to have a safe space for talking about issues they face and ways people have overcome them. The purpose is to build comradery within the minority student population. There is also a scavenger hunt that was implemented to get new students acquainted with the resources available on campus.

Zeta Legacies

Soror Joi S. Gaines has many Zetas in her family: her paternal grandmother, Soror Sedalia Mitchell Gaines; paternal aunt, Soror Sandra Gaines; her mother, Soror Rita Gaines-Elliot; mother (Nee O’Neal); and her sister, Soror Doena Gaines-Moore.

Note: This is part of the Michigan State Organization’s online series "The MSO Great History Countdown! Our Centennial Journey to State Meeting" to leave a lasting gift to the state in honor of Zeta’s 100th anniversary. Histories from every graduate and undergraduate chapter in Michigan is being published in the month of September 2020 in the days leading up to the centennial state meeting. The project was approved under State Director Lynese Thomas’ administration, and overseen by MSO Epistoleus Earlene McMichael in partnership with MSO Historian Trudy Hale and Great Lakes Region Historian Norma Dartis.

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