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Meet Chi Kappa Zeta Chapter

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, Chi Kappa Zeta Chapter was organized on June 7, 2008 in the home of Dr. Shirley Stansberry. On Jan. 12, 2009, it was chartered. We received our charter document on Jan.17, 2009 at the Michigan State Organization Founder’s Day program.

A dinner was subsequently held to present Chi Kappa Zeta Chapter to the citizens of Benton Harbor. The guest speaker was Past 23rd International President Sheryl Underwood. The public met charter members Dr. Shirley Stansberry, Tara Stansberry, Sylvia Wilson, Kimberly Glover and Belinda Vaz.

All these years later, Chi Kappa Zeta Chapter continues to celebrate and support National’s programs. We have two sorors, Dr. Shirley Stansberry and Kimberly Glover, earn Zeta Organizational Leadership (ZOL) training program certification. Soror LaToyia Tyler is certified to be a youth adviser, and Dr. Shirley Stansberry is a certified Amicae sponsor. Chi Kappa Zeta also participated in the Sister Circles initiative for the Centennial.

Current Officers

Our Centennial leadership team: Basileus Dr. Shirley Stansberry, First Anti-Basileus, Belinda Vaz, Second Anti-Basileus LaToyia Tyler, Third Anti-Basileus Sylvia Wilson,

Tamias Susan Gillespie, Tamias Grammateus Koby Gillespie , Grammateus Kimberly Glover, Chaplin Sylvia Wilson and Youth Advisor LaToyia Tyler.

Community Involvement

The chapter has sought to make an impact in the Benton Harbor/St. Joseph area communities through the awarding of scholarships, the recognition of outstanding community service persons, and throwing of two baby showers as part of Stork’s Nest activities. We have been to further the cause of education by adopting two Benton Harbor area schools in which we supervised the state test, gave essay-writing workshops, helping graduating seniors fill out scholarship applications, and distributed 25 cases of bottled water.

Other projects: donating socks and 100 handmade throw blankets to the Orchard nursing home for senior citizens, handing out water and snacks for the Ironman Run and participating in the Relay For Life and (we won the most spirited award). We have donated to the Social Service Good Cheer Program for the past three years, contributed different churches’ youth programs for prematurity awareness, and given funds to support Z-HOPE projects (National’s Zetas Helping People Excel program).

Believing in the importance of voting, we worked the poles on Nov 4, 2008 for the successful election of the first African-American President, Barack Obama.

Youth & Adult Auxiliaries

Chi Kappa Zeta organized the Benton Harbor Zeta Amicae within months establishing. The group was chartered in September 2009 at the Michigan State Organization Leadership Conference. The charter members are: Sandra Tyler, the late Vera Herrion and the late Myrtice Humphrey. We organized the Archonettes, Amicettes and Pearlettes in 2010. Chi Kappa Zeta is also proud to have a Zeta Male Network. Their members are: Andrew Stansberry, Kenneth Vaz, Michael Gillespie and Willis Glover.

Zeta Leaders & Trailblazers

Chi Kappa Zeta is honored to have one of our chartered members as a past National, Regional, State and local officer. Dr. Shirley Stansberry is Life Member Coordinator for the Michigan State Organization, and in the past, National Trustee, 2008-2012; Graduate Member to the Executive Committee, 2012-2014; Midwestern Regional fundraiser Chair, 2006-2008); and Colorado State Director 1996-2008. And finally, Dr. Stansberry is a CSR for the centennial celebration and a charter Donor visionary. Chi Kappa Zeta once named Dr. Shirley Stansberry as Zeta of the Year.

State Meeting

Chi Kappa Zeta co-hosted the Michigan State Organization State Leadership Conference with Rho Theta Zeta Chapter in September 2014.

Life Members

Dr. Shirley Stansberry is a Diamond Life Member.

Zeta Legacies

Dr. Shirley Stansberry is a charter member of the Myrtle and Viola Tyler National Legacy Club. Tara Stansberry, Rev. Dr. Gloria Clark and Kimberly Glover are also members of the Myrtle and Viola Tyler National Legacy Club. We consider Chi Kappa Zeta Chapter as a legacy chapter because our chapter consists of 10 legacies and four Zeta Male Network male members. The Zeta legacies are: Dr. Shirley Stansberry (daughter, Tara Stansberry; niece, the Rev. Dr. Gloria Clark; niece, LaToyia Tyler; cousin; Tenecia Butler; cousin, Ethel Morgan; and cousin, Bessie Johnson); Sylvia Wilson (daughter, Arline Wilson); Belinda Vaz (a cousin), and Kimberly Glover (cousin, Marcella Taylor).

Note: This is part of the Michigan State Organization’s online series "The MSO Great History Countdown! Our Centennial Journey to State Meeting" to leave a lasting gift to the state in honor of Zeta’s 100th anniversary. Histories from every graduate and undergraduate chapter in Michigan is being published in the month of September 2020 in the days leading up to the centennial state meeting. The project was approved under State Director Lynese Thomas’ administration, and overseen by MSO Epistoleus Earlene McMichael in partnership with MSO Historian Trudy Hale and Great Lakes Region Historian Norma Dartis.

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